Is That This Application Idea Technologically Viable? We Want an Expert’s Input

Throughout the application-immersion phase, Used to do have the ability to keep centered on whether my particular idea have been done already and if the idea appeared viable given the sorts of things everyone was already doing with apps. Additionally to searching the application store for hrs every single day, I combed application review sites, read plenty of technology blogs, and looked major media for clues. My spouse and i also spoken to buddies and family regarding their iPhone encounters. As it turned out, there wasn’t other people doing what we should desired to do.

An aside:

I truly was surprised that nobody was doing what we should desired to do. Generally, I develop a concept and when I begin to be seriously interested in it, another person has created and offered it and tried it well. For anybody that has a concept and also the imagine doing something about, I strongly encourage you to definitely a minimum of research and speak with people. Who knows, your idea could just be the following big factor. On top of that, you are able to say you attempted it. Which may be my new existence motto: “A minimum of I attempted it.”

Now to the storyline:

Most significantly, the study says our application idea was viable. There have been some apps doing a bit of of the items we would have liked to complete-using the camera, linking to social networking sites, and taking advantage of the touchscreen or even the accelerometer to throw. According to this, i was prepared to measure the real technical and price practicality.

Fortunately, as he provided the telephone, Father also provided the e-mail address of the software developer and that he now stated “speak with him, maybe everyone could have great results together.” This individual would be a early family friend, although not someone I truly know. However, the man is reliable and knows a great deal about database integration then one about Apple, and so i contacted him to find out if he was thinking about focusing on this or counseling us. I am unable to say enough by what an excellent person and gifted developer he’s. We got lucky.

This individual – let us call him up “Mike”-requested me to create a short description from the application idea. I spent a while crafting an effective description in narrative form which demonstrated very helpful throughout this method. I returned for this description over and over to check on my original ideas and discover wording to re-use within other correspondence concerning the project.

Within the finish, Mike could not undertake the work, but was very useful. To begin with, he told us the application sounded technologically viable. According to my description and also the hourly rate of the experienced software developer, he believed it might cost a minimum of a couple of thousands of dollars to produce the application generate income had imagined. Oyoyoy. He cautioned that these types of estimates *could* double when the process begins. I understood this to be real from my professional work-that whenever the IT department develops and enhances applications in my team to make use of-the estimates are just estimates. In individuals situations, once the application is partly built and requires additional time than expected, either the scope from the project is cut drastically or even the finances are elevated at the fee for another thing.