Approaches to Show Customers You Care and produce Repeat Business Using Social Networking

I tweet a great deal and that i tweet frequently. I frequently voice my opinions of companies within my tweets both positively and negatively, it always catches me unawares when certainly one of individuals companies responds back.

Yesterday I made the decision to test a disposable Schick razor I acquired within my frosh package after i began College recently. I have been a Gillette user since I have been of sufficient age to develop hair on your face, I possibly could have the difference when utilizing a Schick and so i made the decision to transmit out a tweet about my knowledge about the merchandise. It was my tweet:

I shaved having a Schick razor the very first time rather of the Gillette, it had been weird and wild stuff

Within 5 minutes of delivering that tweet I recieve an answer in the official Gillette twitter account (@Gillette):

@mattsouthern much better than innovative and trendy? return to us, Matt:)

Within that little exchange they earned themselves an eternity customer. Personally I did not even benefit from the Schick razor and that i wasn’t thinking about using a different one, but when I had been then Gillette certainly might have altered my thoughts. Incidentally, where was Schick with that one? Why were not they as wanting to obtain a new customer as Gillette ended up being to retain a classic one? This is the web site company who uses social networking right along with a company who has not quite caught on yet. Trust me, I am not saying that my tweets are essential enough to deserve an immediate response, but when one state of the art company can perform after that it why don’t you another?

That wasn’t the very first time I have been treated just like a valued customer with a company who monitors Twitter. I remember when i voiced an issue over not shipping to Canada plus they responded saying they might work something out for me personally. Another time I were not impressed with my Vestal watch no longer working correctly plus they get in touch offering to repair my problem. I’ll also have good stuff to say of individuals companies to any extent further because they have proven me just how much they value my company. It’s rarely far too late to create a disgruntled customer happy, should you treat them right they’ll revisit.

Using the creation of Twitter and social networking In my opinion more companies ought to be carrying this out. On Twitter companies can literally eavesdrop on conversations between their clients to discover what’s being stated about the subject and immediately react to their concerns and questions. Have a second to consider how valuable this really is. This is actually the kind of information companies seek through strenuous research and costly focus groups. If you are in the industry of consumer products, the next time you are wondering what clients are saying in regards to you then just type your company’s name in to the Twitter search bar. You may be surprised to determine what pops up.