The threat of insecurity on the web is real. If you want to achieve a soft landing that will be there for you, then you must make efforts that will protect you from the hawks online. When you invest in private (privnote), you will receive security for your efforts, allowing you to keep your conversion private and away from the eyes of unwanted visitors.

It is possible with this technology to record private information and at the same time keep your notes intact away from people. It is possible to share private notes with a select group of people. When you go online, you will find several options that you can invest in to achieve expected results that will keep your business conversation safe from rival companies and at the same time give you the secret cover that you require to excel in your business operation online.

When you move up the ladder of business transactions online with your customers, there is information that you will not wish to put into the general view of all. The idea of a product launch or the timing of a new initiative that you want to keep away from the eyes of the public will be helped with an investment in private (privnote).

There are some sharing options that can be used in private notes. Let us take a look at some of these that are available online:

“Visible to Records”

In this category, anyone that has the privilege of reading access can see the note. If you want to go about this, all that you need to do is to create and share the note without the choice of any options.

Privately Shared

This category of note is visible to only the rep and those that the rep has shared the note with. All the people that have data permission will also have access to the note.


The list of notes and attachments cannot be classified as privately shared.In the lightning experience, you can open a note in the notes related list and then click on share. If you want to maintain privacy, open the “Who Can Access” section and click “Prevent others from sharing and unsharing.”

Salesforce classic

If you want to deal with Salesforce Classic in your investment in the likes of the first (ривнот), then go ahead and open a note in the Notes related list section. You can then click on Note Sharing Settings and then Sharing Settings. Go on to the Who Can Access section and click on Prevent others from sharing and unsharing and you are done.

Private Only

When you are in private only mode, then you are the only authorized person that can view the note. If you have the View All Data permissions technology, you can access such notes.

Lightning Experience

When you create a note in the Notes related list that you did not relate to anything by default, such a note is regarded as default.

You can keep your conversation secret and limited to certain people if you invest in private notes.