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Knowing how to raise good cholesterol and lower bad is essential if you want to maintain a healthy heart. If your bad cholesterol levels are too high then it leaves you in a higher risk category for having a heart attack or stroke; this risk increases if you also have high triglyceride levels. First of all to help balance out cholesterol you need to look at how you are treating your body, are you obese, a smoker, drink too much alcohol, not getting much exercise. All of these can have adverse effects on your cholesterol levels. So, the first ways how to raise good cholesterol will be to stop smoking as this obviously effects the rest of your health as well as your cholesterol and also reduce your drinking. Notice I said reduce drinking, the reason for this is because alcohol actually helps to raise your HDL, however when it is excessive drinking there are problems as this can raise triglyceride levels; a recommended amount would be a glass of red wine a day.cholestifin

If you start to exercise then this will help you become less obese if you have weight problems and increase your HDL. Exercising daily for thirty minutes is highly recommended and it does not have to be high intensity aerobics or pounding the treadmill until you are scarlet in the face; cycling, swimming or walking briskly would be ideal. Another way how to raise good cholesterol is by upping the amount of omega 3 you consume. Omega 3, especially the omega 3 from oily fish helps to raise good cholesterol by keeping triglyceride levels in check. If you have too high a level of triglycerides then your body uses up more good cholesterol to try and get rid of it; so the lower the triglyceride the more good cholesterol you have.

A final way how to raise good cholesterol is through supplementation. Having researched the various supplements available, I have come to the conclusion the best ones are the naturally blended supplements. The reason for this is because they contain a few different nutrients that not only raise good cholesterol but also help to reduce the amount of cholesterol the body produces. In fact if the supplement contains a nutrient called policosanol then this substance has been clinically proven to be as effective as stains for reducing cholesterol production but without the side effects. Read more details at